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Character Spotlight - Aaron

February 25, 2015

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Appearance: Short brown hair, midnight blue eyes, strong and athletic, 5’8” tall.

Age: 32

Race: Half human/half crete

History: Aaron is the son of a crete miner and human woman and is Timothy’s older brother. Since his late teens, Aaron has worked in the mines of the Graylin Valley. It’s exhausting labor, but he does it willingly to help take care of his brother and keep him from needing to become a miner himself. Being twelve years older than Timothy, Aaron takes his responsibility to look out for and protect his brother very seriously.


Author Notes: Aaron very nearly didn’t make it into Ilyon Chronicles. He was a character who floated around in my mind since shortly after Timothy came to be, but I wasn’t sure he was absolutely necessary to the story. That has been one thing I’ve tried hard to do with Ilyon Chronicles—not include any characters who aren’t necessary to furthering the story. Here are my notes from August 12, 2012 that show my struggle.


I’m having trouble making up my mind. I have an idea for a character I think would be really cool, but is he necessary? I can’t put a character in just because I like him. He must have a purpose. The idea I’ve been thinking of is giving Timothy an older brother. I really like some of my ideas, but is it necessary? Also, would Timothy be better on his own? Ugh, I just really like what I imagine for his brother, but I just can’t make up my mind. The problem is, I’ll have to decide soon. Well, one way or another, I think I’ll call him Aaron. It suits him.


So how did I make up my mind? I went to see The Bourne Legacy with my mom and brother, which happened to have just come out in theaters. You see, it was the previews for that movie that inspired Aaron in the first place. Right from the beginning, I pictured him as Jeremy Renner. And yes, The Bourne Legacy is also where the name Aaron came from. Seeing him in that movie fueled my ideas for my own Aaron and really brought the character to life in my mind. I knew I had to include him in the story. I wasn’t quite sure yet what his purpose would be, but he actually turned out to be a pivotal piece of how things came together. I’m not sure how it would have worked without him. It’s one of those moments I know God was quietly guiding me and the story.


Once I started writing Aaron, I quickly realized how much I adored his character. I love the fight in him and his sarcasm and stubbornness. He’s a very tough character—he has to be with the way life is for him and his family. And I just love how he cares for Timothy. Sibling relationships are one of my favorite things to write about, and Aaron and Timothy are especially fun.

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