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Character Interview - Emperor Daican

May 11, 2014

(Originally posted by Meagan Davenport)



To: Emperor Daican


Your Royal Highness,


Greetings! I trust this missive finds you in good health.

Thank you for consenting to grant me this interview. I have greatly awaited an audience with you, and know that the tie will be well spent.


To open, would you tell me about your decision to change the royal title from king to emperor?


It was a logical move considering the growth and expansion of Arcacia’s power. We already control the majority of Ilyon. Arcacia is not simply one country to be ruled over by a king, she is an empire, and she will not only be the first, but the greatest Ilyon has ever seen.


You're beginning to enforce worship of Aertus and Vilai, even to the point of execution of dissidents. How do you feel this will impact the people, who until now have been able to worship relatively freely their deity(ies) of choice?


It is the fringe groups who have taken to worshiping myths—the troublemakers. Those with true loyalty to Arcacia will not be affected by the need to enforce the worship of our gods. This law will only help make Arcacia stronger by culling out the rebels and those who would see Arcacia divided. The people must be of one mind for Arcacia to rise to its full potential.


Tell me how Tarvin Hall and its training plan developed. What is its history, and what do you foresee in its future?


It was my great-grandfather who first set up Tarvin Hall’s training facilities. He saw a great need for well-trained, loyal officials around the country—officials who would dedicate their lives to serving the emperor and the gods. Such dedication is of great worth and highly honored. As of now, Tarvin Hall can train between 400 to 500 students at a time, but considering the duration of their training—up to fifteen years—only a select few are lucky enough to be enrolled every year. Due to the success of the training over the years, I would like to see it expanded in the future. Perhaps set up additional training facilities in other areas of the country.


Your father died when you were only 17. How did you deal with losing him so young, and suddenly having the kingship and kingdom thrust upon you?


It was a very difficult time for me. Thankfully I still had my mother. She was always a strong figure at my father’s side, and then at mine. My father was the greatest man I’ve ever known. It was far too soon for him to die, but because of his careful attention to my training, I was able to step into the role of leader with relative confidence. It has taken years, however, to live up to the example he left behind. He had amazing vision for Arcacia and what it could become. I will not stop until I see it fulfilled and even surpassed to honor his memory.


Thank you again for your time. Good health to you and your family!


Meagan Davenport

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